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            Database Connection Issues

            Some of the problems that you might face are related to network changes that prevent DB accessibility from the relevant machines required (Access Portal and Bastion).

            The following is a simple method for checking the DB connection:

            1. Create an UDL file, simply by creating a new empty file with file type UDL.
            2. As you open the UDL file, the following wizard is invoked:
            3. Choose Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.
            4. Click Next or choose the Connection tab.
            5. Fill in the server name, username, and password; choose “Select database on the server,” using the following example for the sake of reference.
            6. Click the Test Connection button. 

            If you don’t manage to connect, check the following:

            1. Check that you can ping your SQL server from the Bastion server. Does the server name resolve to an IP?
            2. Check that you can telnet to the SQL server. E.g. telnet SQLServer 1433. Use the port configured in SQL server.
            3. If you can't telnet from the Bastion server, check that port 1433 is open to incoming connections on the SQL server's Windows firewall and to your organization’s firewall.
            4. If you still can't telnet, attempt to telnet from the SQL server itself. If you don’t succeed, check that TCP/IP is enabled on the service, with a TCP port. If you do succeed, it's a firewall issue.

            5. Check that SQL Server authentication is enabled.


            Updated: 03 Dec 2018 10:56 PM
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